Coinpanic Bitcoin Services is a website to assist users of Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies. is helping Bitcoin users safely claim, hold, or sell coins on blockchains which have forked from the bitcoin main chain. Coinpanic only needs to know your public Bitcoin address to claim your coins, and does not require the user to download any blockchains.

Future services include technical tutorials, block explorers, transaction monitoring, and lightning network services.

Upcoming Forks

Bitcoin Atom


BTC holders will receive 1:1 Bitcoin Atom (BCA) at the time of the fork, approximately January 25-26 (block to be announced soon).

United Bitcoin Phase 2

Homepage: From UBTC: We are expediting the community airdrop and distributing the remainder of the airdrop at once. This means that instead of receiving vested final payments of your eligible UBTC monthly over 4 years, users who registered for the final snapshot will receive in one last airdrop, which can be withdrawn on in the same manner as previous months. Community members who have not registered for the airdrop will also have one last chance to register on the the final snapshot dates of April 1st (HSR, QTUM), 11th (ETH, LTC), and 21st (INK) to claim their eligible UBTC.


Bitcoin is an open-source peer-to-peer electronic currency.

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Bitcoin Forks

Bitcoin forks are branches off of the main Bitcoin blockchain which define a separate network of consensus as a new cryptocurrency. Forks are inherently risky - be careful when claiming forked currencies using your bitcoin addresses. Move all bitcoins to a new address before attempting to do so.

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Claiming Forked Coins

It is not always straightforward to claim forked coins. can help you.

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