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Claiming from multi-sig

This tutorial walks you through the process of claiming forked coins from multisig accounts.


  • You can only create transactions from one multisig address at a time.

Claiming Process

In order to claim from multisig coins, you must provide the redeem script.

There are two ways this can be done.

Method 1: you know the redeem script

In Electrum (for example), you can export the redeem script when you look at your private keys:

In this case, you can provide the redeem script to the signing tool with the necessary private keys.  For example, the command line would look something like this:

D:\Claims\BCD> CoinpanicSignTx.exe -p [key1] -p [key2] -r [redeemscript] 

Method 2: You have the public keys for ALL of the multi-sig partners.

If you know all of the public keys which are able to sign the transaction, then the signing tool can derive the redeem script.  For example, for a 2 of 3 address, you need all 3 addressees.

You also need to know the type of multi-sig.  Is it 2 of 3? 3 of 5?, 2 of 2?  etc.

This is not yet implemented in the tool, but will be a feature added soon.

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