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Getting private keys from hardware wallets (trezor, ledger)

This tutorial shows how you can use the Electrum wallet to extract your trezor signing keys.

Part 1: Creating a new wallet.

  • In Electrum, version 3.0.5 or greater, create a new wallet.
  • Choose type Standard Wallet
  • Say that you already have a seed
  • Click Options, and say that your seed is of type BIP39
  • Enter your seed (there are no bitcoins on this seed!)
  • Set your derivation path.  If you are using segwit, use m/49'/0'/0', otherwise leave it as is with 44'.  The last number is the account index.  Set it to the account number on the hardware device.  Usually, this starts with 0.  Use m/49'/0'/0' or m/49'/0'/1' or m/49'/0'/2' etc.
  • Add a password to encrypt the wallet if desired.

Part 2: Extract your private keys

  • Once Electrum is running, make sure Show Addresses is enabled
  • From the Addresses tab, you can see your addresses.  Right click on the addresses and select Private Key
  • Don't forget your change addresses!

This should be all you need to find your used addresses and private keys for claiming.

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  • Colleen

    2/25/2018 5:01:26 PM | Reply

    Thanks for the help!

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