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Using the command line signing tool on Windows

This tutorial walks through using the claiming tool on windows.  

We will walk through an example signing process for BCD.  The same process would apply to all coins.

Part 1: Save the executable and data to your computer.

  • Create a folder on your computer to save your claims.  Let's assume you use the folder D:\Claims\BCD 
  • From the claim page, download the executable and data by right clicking on the icons which look like this: 
  • Choose Save link as... and save to your folder D:\Claims\BCD. (screenshot from Chrome) Do this for both Claim Data and Windows icons.
  • Your BCD folder should look like this:

Part 2: Open the command line interface

  • To open the command line interface, press the start button and type  cmd  and press enter.  The command prompt should open.
  • Navigate to the folder you saved your claims. 
    • Type  d:  and press enter to change your drive
    • Type  cd Claims\BCD  and press enter to change folders
    • Type  dir  to list the folder contents.  It should look like the following:

Part 3: Run the signing tool

  • Type  CoinpanicSignTx.exe -s "this is your twelve or twenty four word seed"  and press enter. (type your BIP39 seed word between the quotes)  The tool should run and you should see something which looks like (sensitive parts hidden):
  • Copy the result by selecting the contents in the Command Prompt window and then pressing enter.

  • You can paste the results into a text file, or if you are able to, directly into the claim window.
  • Press Broadcast, and wait.  The transmission could take up to 5 minutes, so please be patient while waiting for a response.

At this point, your claim will be complete.  Check your deposit address for your coins to appear.


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